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A DWI Is Devastating … and Preventable

So, make the right choice.  Don’t drink and drive.

There are so many choices now … designated driver, taxi, uber, even some restaurants and bars will hail you a cab if needed.

So don’t do it.  If you do, and you get stopped, remember you have rights.

You have the right to remain silent – so use it.  Don’t provide information about where you are coming from, where you are going, how much you have been drinking, or anything else.  Just be respectful, calm, and polite, and provide your identification.

Do not take the tests – do not blow on the breathalyzer, do not take the field sobriety tests, do not consent to any test.

If you have been drinking and you have been stopped, stop thinking you can talk or fake your way out of it.  You can’t.

You will be arrested, so the best you can do now, is to protect your rights.

If you need legal representation, hire an affordable experienced attorney who has been able to dismiss or reduce the charges and fines of a DWI arrest.  Hire the de la Riva & Associates Legal Team.

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