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Estate Planning – Do I Need A Will?

It is difficult to deal with issues surrounding your death.  After all, who likes to think about that?

But if you don’t think and PLAN about it now, then you are leaving your family with a lot of things THEY will have to think about and do.  And I know you do not want that.

So do you need a Will?  Here’s the thing – most of us don’t have family heirlooms or large family trusts or even much to leave to our family, but that’s not all Estate Planning is.  It is ALWAYS better to have a Will so that your wishes are set out — if not, the State of Texas decides and there’s nothing  your family or friends can do about it.

Families are all different, and well, there may be some people you prefer to help by leaving them a portion of your estate — money, houses, cars, personal goods — and some you may not want to help or may not need your help.

In addition to a Will, all our Estate Packages also include a (1) Durable Power of Attorney, (2) Medical Power of Attorney, (3) Medical Directive, and (4) Disposition of Your Remains.

If you become incapacitated, you are still legally required to handle your financial affairs.  Obtain a document that will allow someone you trust to name as agent to help you pay your bills, handle your bank accounts, and deal with other financial matters.  That’s what a Durable Power of Attorney can do for you.

If you become incapacitated you may not be able to make the necessary medical decisions you need — need for surgery, transplant, transfusions, or other medical procedures, need to be approved by you or your agent.  Name someone you trust that knows your wishes and will abide by them.  That’s what a Medical Power of Attorney does for you.

If you are diagnosed with a terminal or irreversible condition, you may have strong feelings about what kind of measures you will approve to keep you alive.  Signing a document that states your exact wishes on what to do will alleviate that tremendous burden off your spouse or family.  That’s what a Medical Directive does for you.

After your death, even if you set out in your Will what you want done — burial, cremation, where to bury you, where to scatter your ashes or keep them — the Will may not be helpful.  A Will needs to be probated and that takes a little time — your wishes as to what you want done after you die need to be addresses immediately.  That’s what a Disposition of Your Remains does for you.

So, the answer is YES.  You need a Will AND you need Estate Documents.  Call a great estate planning attorney at the Legal Team at de la Riva and Associates. Let us help you give you and your family peace of mind. That’s what a great San Antonio Estate Lawyer does for you.


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