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Do I Need An Estate Plan?

Do I Need a Last Will?  That’s a question we hear every day.  The answer usually is yes.

But wait, you ask yourself…sure, an attorney is telling you yes, but is it really necessary?

And as a wife, a mother, and a person who wants to make sure that my wishes are followed when my day comes, the answer is still YES.

You see, in Texas, if you die without a Will, you are deemed to die “intestate.”  That means that the laws of the State of Texas dictate how your estate will be distributed, no matter what you may have wanted or planned before.

Which brings me to the second question that we get asked every day.  Do I really have an estate?

And yes, most people do.  If you own personal or real property, have money in your savings or checking account, hold any stocks or bonds, or are an owner of other property like a vehicle or a collection of something, then yes.  You have an estate.

So do you really want the State of Texas to decide what will happen to your money and property after you die?  Do you want to leave your family questioning and not knowing what to do?  We know you don’t.

That’s why we have an experienced Estate Attorney and former CPA as part of our Legal Team.  And that’s why we offer a COMPLIMENTARY ESTATE PLANNING SESSION to determine what your options and needs are.

A Last Will and Testament is only one of the documents you need in your Estate Plan.  You may also need a Durable Power of Attorney in case you are incapacitated or unable to meet your financial responsibilities, or a Medical Power of Attorney in case you need assistance in advising what you want the doctors to do and not do, or a Living Will (a Medical Directive) that lets you state your wishes for end-of-life medical care in case you are unable to communicate your decisions.

Call us at 210.224.2200 or email and will set you up for a FREE ESTATE PLANNING SESSION.

In that session, we will lay out your options and needs, and you can decide what to do.

Your Estate Planning Legal Team

            Your Estate Planning Legal Team