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Do I Really Need A Lawyer?

The short answer is:  sometimes.

There are times that you may be able to do DIY – do it yourself.  But be cautioned.  Details in a contract, a Will, or a settlement can mean big differences for you and your family.

The best plan is to consult with an attorney and find out if you need one.

That’s why we want you to meet the Legal Team at de la Riva & Associates.  Our law firm is equipped to help you, your family and your business.  We can help you or someone you know if there’s been an accident at work or on the road.  We can help if someone has been arrested for drinking and driving/DWI.  We can help if you have made the difficult decision to seek a divorce.  We can help if your life has changed with a marriage, divorce, or children, or if you need help with  your medical and financial affairs. And we can help you get your business protected and on the road to success.

Our Legal Team can assist you with personal injury claims, DWI defense, divorce, Estate documents, and business matters.

Let us be your Legal Team.