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A de la Riva DWI Attorney in San Antonio Will Help You

Do you need a DWI attorney in San Antonio?

You will need the help of a DWI attorney in San Antonio because the charges against you are expensive and the consequences can be devastating for you, your family, your job, and your future.  There are monetary costs – fines, bail, legal fees, and lost wages.  And there are emotional costs – embarrassment within your family and community, driver’s license suspension, threat to your job and career, and potential jail time.  The penalties for DWI have gotten stricter over the last few years, and Texas has some of the strictest laws in the country to punish people who drive under the influence.

Hire a DWI Attorney in San Antonio to Handle Your Case.It is overwhelming to be arrested for a DWI – in addition to having to take tests on the side of the road, having your blood drawn against your will, spending time in jail, you also have to reach out to someone to help you.  Who will you call?

If you call the Legal Team at de la Riva & Associates, a DWI attorney in San Antonio from our team can help. We have attorneys who know how to deal with DWI arrests, who can negotiate with the district attorney, and who can present you in the best possible light to the judge – all to decrease these costs for you.  Depending on the facts of your case, the Legal Team at de la Riva & Associates can make sure you do not spend more time in jail, decrease the amounts of your fines, and help you get back to your life.  The legal fees you will pay will be far smaller than the amount of money you would have to pay if you were convicted of a DWI.

How much does a DWI arrest cost you?

The Texas Department of Transportation conducted a study which shows that DWI first time offenders pay between $9,000 and $24,000 after a DWI arrest and conviction.  Many people do not fully understand all of the costs and fines associated with a DWI arrest, which can include vehicle impoundment, increase in insurance premiums, annual penalties to pay years after your arrest to be allowed to keep your license, and other fees, such as:

  • Bail – bail can cost from $200 to $5,000 depending on the details of your arrest.
  • Court costs – Yes, Mr. and Mrs. Taxpayer make you pay back any costs associated with your arrest, including court costs that can range from $25 to $1,500.
  • DWI fines – from $2,000 for a first offense, to $4,000 for a 2nd and $10,000 for a third offense.
  • Alcohol education course – whether or not you think you have an alcohol problem, you will be demanded to take a class that can cost you from $25 to $200
  • Fee to keep your driver’s license – the Texas Department of Public safety charges a “sur-charge” that runs $1,040 a year for 3 years.
  • And Attorney’s fees, which range from $5,000 to $25,000.


Each county administers their own court fees and the fines and bail will depend on your previous record and the recommendation of the District Attorney.  If you have hurt or killed someone as a direct result of your drunk driving, additional DWI penalties and costs arise since you can be charged with intoxication assault and intoxication manslaughter.


Hiring a DWI attorney in San Antonio from the Legal Team at de la Riva & Associates is an important step in reducing the total costs of your DWI arrest.  We offer free consultations and we have you meet with an attorney face to face to answer your questions.


The short answer is yes.  Given all of the costs and penalties associated with a DWI arrest, not to mention the possibility of going to jail or prison, it is important that you enlist legal help.  We know that paying legal fees can be difficult, but we also know the dangers of not having an attorney to represent you when the District Attorney and Judge are recommending and assessing your punishment.

We prefer that you take the first step to protect yourself and your family – and that is not to drink and drive.  Driving responsibility can mean the difference between a bright future and a complicated expensive one.  However, if you do find yourself in that position, call us.  We can help.

If You’re Still Undecided About Fighting Your Texas DWI, Please Read This:

Biggest misconception people arrested for DWIs have – that they will save money by pleading guilty.  Not true.  Think about the fines involved:

  1. towing your car
  2. car storage fees
  3. DWI fine
  4. community service hours
  5. probation fees
  6. license reinstatement fees
  7. alcohol education classes
  8. auto insurance increases
  9. DWI surcharges to your license
  10. costs for breathalyzer equipment for your car and your home.  Not to mention jail time.

Think again.

The average charge of pleading guilty on a first time offense can cost you over $15,000, without any legal fees. Plus, a DWI conviction goes on your permanent record.

It’s worth it to you, your family and your future to hire an experienced DWI attorney in San Antonio who can help you. Call de la Riva & Associates today!