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Get Help From a San Antonio Business Lawyer

Your San Antonio Business Lawyer.

The idea of owning your own business can be appealing. However, in reality, entrepreneurship can have both rewards and challenges. When making the decision to open your own business, a San Antonio business lawyer at de la Riva & Associates can help guide you through the necessary steps for success.

While not every process of becoming your own boss will be easy, it is important to do it right. Often, the success or failure of a business can be determined from the outset based on how the business is started.

A business lawyer from de la Riva & Associates can help you with clarifying your reasons for starting your own business, the process of getting started, and what is needed initially. The attorney can also discuss the various types of businesses that you may be considering, such as sole proprietorships, partnerships, franchises, corporations, and limited liability companies.

In addition to guidance regarding the type of business you may want and advice regarding the initial formation process, your San Antonio business lawyer can provide you with assistance in constructing and filing business formation documents. Services can include advice on how to set up certain documents relating to the business structure and ownership.

An important factor in business formation is making sure that your business structure and function allows you to take non-employment taxable dividends and maintain limited liability in the event of damages caused by your business or anyone associated with your business. Your San Antonio business lawyer from de la Riva & Associates can provide you with information regarding all of the following areas to help insure that your business is created smoothly and properly:

  • Ways to limit your company’s liability
  • How to properly begin a corporation or limited liability company (LLC)
  • What services your new company will need and how to set up a team that includes an accountant, financial planner, and insurance agent
  • The ins and outs of maintaining company documents, records, and meeting minutes for legal compliance
  • How to create documents such as the articles of incorporation and organization, the company’s by-laws, and operating agreements, among others
  • What is required to be filed for tax purposes with the state and IRS
  • The optimum place to locate your new business
  • How to limit your liability when providing business services from your home
  • The tricks of hiring employees and/or independent contractors
  • Legal aspects of intellectual property, such as trademarks and copyrights, design and development contracts, and any software licensing issues

When all is said and done, a San Antonio business lawyer can also help with a variety of contract issues, such as dealing with vendor agreements, employee and subcontractor agreements, and real estate issues.

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