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San Antonio Law Firm: Civil and Commercial Litigation

Don't spend you day in a courtroom. Let our San Antonio law firm handle your civil or commercial litigation claims for you. Our accomplished San Antonio law firm, de la Riva & Associates, know that the last thing you want to do is spend your days in a court room, wrestling over civil and/or commercial litigation claims. That is our job, and we do it efficiently and effectively, providing you with a positive outcome each time we are on your side.

Whether you are the defendant or the plaintiff, our litigation attorneys can fight for your rights and a proper settlement in breach of contract or negotiations cases, insurance claims, coverage disputes, judgments, and personal injury claims. No matter which industry you or the counter-claimant operates within, our San Antonio law firm is adept at protecting your rights in complex business disputes of any civil or commercial litigation variety.

Trademark and copyright infringement and state or federal arbitration needs are
around the clock to ensure you are working on what matters: Your company’s well-being. We will handle the rest.