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Product Liability Lawsuits

Product manufacturing or design defects can cause harm to you and your family, which is why the courts enforce product liability lawsuits. If a product is placed into the hands of an individual who only uses it for its intended purposes and is still injured as a result of its use, a third party can be held responsible for the result of those injuries.

Whether the fault occurred during manufacturing and distribution, or at the supply and retail segment of the product’s delivery, the professional and accomplished staff at De La Riva & Associates will help you pursue action against the offenders.

It is our duty to protect consumers from a company’s failure to warn potential users of possible harm from their products or breach of warranty of their services. Since most cases of this nature are enforced at the state level, we work closely with San Antonio residents to ensure they receive the representation they deserve to defend themselves against third party offenders in product liability lawsuits.