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San Antonio Accident Lawyer

When you’re hurt in an accident, you may be suffering financial stresses in addition to the pain and discomfort the wreck has caused. Medical bills, property damage, and lost income and wages can leave you overwhelmed and unable to get back on your feet, but you don’t have to go through it alone. A San Antonio accident lawyer at de la Riva & Associates can help guide you through the process.

How a San Antonio Accident Lawyer Can Help

A San Antonio accident lawyer can help you determine the right course of action, whether it’s contacting the at-fault party’s insurance provider or filing a legal claim and taking them to court. An attorney can also assist with gathering the appropriate evidence, lining up testimonies, communicating with other attorneys and insurance representatives, and making sure your rights are properly represented the entire time. A San Antonio accident lawyer can help if you were hurt in any of the following ways:

  • At the workplace or on the job – This includes construction accidents, oil field accidents, transportation accidents during work-related tasks, and health conditions you have developed over time due to your employment.
  • In a car, truck, or motorcycle accident – Each type of case differs greatly, but an accident lawyer can assist with all three and ensure that you’re adequately compensated.
  • Due to medical malpractice If you were injured because of a doctor, nurse or medical professional’s error or negligence, an accident lawyer can help you fight back.
  • Because of a defective productDefective products can cause injury if they’re poorly designed, don’t have adequate warning label, or if an error occurred during their manufacturing. An accident lawyer will help determine the reason behind your injury and assist you in filing a claim.

No matter what type of accident you have suffered, a San Antonio accident lawyer can help if you were hurt at the hands of another party. Contact de la Riva & Associates to discuss your case today.