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San Antonio Divorce Attorneys

Your San Antonio divorce attorneys are ready to serve you!Simple v. Contested Divorce : The term “simple” divorce is a legal myth.  For the many individuals who have been through the process, they can attest that there is no such thing as a simple divorce. The reality is that some divorces can be achieved with less time and expense and our San Antonio divorce attorneys work diligently to achieve this goal.  The level of difficulty of a case can be assessed and discussed by our San Antonio family law attorneys at the initial free consultation.

The “contested” divorce is sadly more the norm than the exception in divorce cases.  San Antonio divorce attorneys at de la Riva & Associates will work hard to reach our client’s goals in matters of contested child custody, allocating assets and debts, obtaining spousal maintenance, if applicable, and awarding clients the property they deserve.  While the contested divorce usually means a longer process and more expense, our attorneys are experienced and efficient and are always cognizant of the time and expense for each client.

At de la Riva & Associates, divorce lawyers in San Antonio Texas can also help with: