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San Antonio Family Law Attorneys Explain Legal Guardianship

San Antonio Estate Attorneys Explain Legal Guardianship For YouThe San Antonio estate attorneys at de la Riva and Associates can explain how to get a legal guardianship, and explain the legal guardianship forms.

Guardianship is the legal process of appointing a person, who is called a Guardian, to take the legal responsibility for managing the affairs of another person, who is called a Ward. A guardianship is sometimes required if there are no effective estate planning documents, or if someone is taking advantage of a fragile person. In Texas, alternatives to a legal guardianship for adults are favored by the courts, and families are encouraged to consider these alternatives prior to filing for guardianship. At de la Riva and Associates, estate planning lawyers assist clients in reviewing the alternatives and selecting the most effective options for their situation. In some cases, a temporary guardianship is needed if an emergency exists and there is a threat to the well-being of a fragile person. San Antonio estate attorneys at de la Riva and Associates can help you determine the best approach to help you protect your fragile family member or friend.