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San Antonio Injury Lawyer

The de la Riva & Associates legal team has the expertise to be your San Antonio injury lawyer.

Accidents don’t just happen; they are caused.  The carelessness of another person or defective product can lead to mounting medical bills, lost wages, medical expenses, and other losses. We know how to fight big insurance companies and obtain a fair and just compensation for you and your family.  We can represent you in claims for:

  • Motor vehicle accidents – We can assist you with your insurance claims and will fight for you to recover all the damages you are entitled to as a result of an accident.
  • Premises liability accidents – Business owners have a duty to provide a safe environment for you.  When they don’t, we are here to help you.
  • Product liability accidents – There are times when people are injured because a product was manufactured, designed, or marketed wrong.  Make sure you and your family are protected.
  • Construction accidents – If you are ever injured, make sure that you recover damages so you can continue to care for your health and family.
  • Injuries on the job – Your employer has a duty to keep you safe while you are doing your job.  If you are ever injured on the job, we can help.
  • Seeking economic damages for lost income, property damage, or medical expenses in any of these possible situations.
  • Seeking damages for pain and suffering.

Finding the right San Antonio injury lawyer doesn’t have to be difficult! Give us a call and let us help you fight your claims.